Our bamboo toothbrushes for kids

At Blue Splash we have designed a set of bamboo toothbrushes for children which are not only kind on the environment but will also put a smile on everyone’s face thanks to their fun and unique designs. 

Our ocean friends need your help – ditch plastic toothbrushes and gift these amazing toothbrushes your children! They are available for sale on Amazon and eBay.

FUN BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES for children – Pack of 4 (individually packaged) bamboo toothbrushes complete with icons of our ocean friends on each toothbrush.

Discover FUN FACTS on each of our ocean friends on the product packaging.

Children will LOVE brushing their teeth with their ocean friends! This is a great way to start teaching children the importance of making eco-friendly choices.

  • HIGH QUALITY SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT – Our toothbrushes have ergonomic handles, perfect for children’s little hands. These handles are made of heat treated moso bamboo which is naturally antibacterial and water resistant. Moso bamboo is not eaten by pandas and grows at the amazing speed of 1 meter per day!
  • SOFT & COLOURFUL BRISTLES – superior quality soft and colourful, BPA-free Dupont Nylon bristles provide a gentle, yet effective clean. Each box contains 4 toothbrushes complete with rainbow, blue, purple and aqua-green bristles so that your children can pick their favourite colour.
  • RECYCLABLE PACKAGING – 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. Each box contains 4 individually packaged toothbrushes.
  • WORK FOR GOOD PARTNER: We are proud to be a Work for Good partner, giving a proportion of our proceedings to conservation charities. By choosing our product, not only you’ll contribute to reducing plastic waste (millions of plastic toothbrushes are thrown away each year!), but you’ll also support conservation charities who are working hard to save our ocean friends!

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